Manfred Schüssler awarded with the George Ellery Hale Prize

Manfred Schüssler, member of the IRSOL Science Advisory Committee, has been awarded with the George Ellery Hale Prize. Below is reported the announcement on the SolarNews of the SPD:

“The 2017 George Ellery Hale Prize for outstanding contributions to the field of solar astronomy is awarded to Manfred Schüssler for his contributions to the theory of the solar dynamo, to understanding the dynamics of buoyant convection-zone magnetic flux tubes, to modeling the structure and dynamics of solar surface magnetic fields, and to the education and training of young solar physicists.”


IRSOL organizes the 2nd national SCOSTEP workshop

IRSOL is the local organizer of the SCOSTEP workshop that will be held on 10-11 October 2017.

The Scientific Committee on Solar Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP) is an international organization with the goal of strengthening and promoting international solar-terrestrial physics research. As of 2016 Switzerland is a member of SCOSTEP and a National Committee has been established with the goal of promoting and representing the solar-terrestrial community within Switzerland and internationally.


The workshop aims at bringing together Swiss scientists with an interest in solar-terrestrial science. It encourages a lively exchange between scientists from all fields within solar-terrestrial physics to identify synergies, foster collaborations, and strengthen the community.


The workshop will consist of two invited talks plus contributed presentations (oral or poster). It will cover the following topics:

  • Fundamental solar physics
  • Solar variability in the past and future
  • Sun-Earth relations in proxies, observations, and model simulations
  • Future (space) missions/observations

Invited speakers:

  • Astrid Veronig, University of Graz
  • Hauke Schmidt, Max Plank Institute for Meteorology


For more info and to register please visit the workshop website: